The company DECKMATE from Holland has developed a simple but very effective cleaning system. The deck cleaning system consists of washing brushes in different degrees of hardness, mop and dry cloth, which can be used everywhere in combination with the telescopic handle. In order not to damage any surfaces, all washing brushes are enclosed in a white plastic buffer. The brush handle is telescopic from 91 to 182 cm and secured with a stainless steel spring button. The quick-release coupling system allows all accessories to be quickly attached or replaced.
You can now buy the complete DECKMATE deck cleaning system consisting of washing brush, mop and telescopic handle online from SVB!
Manche télescopique
Image produit de DECKMATE Manche télescopique
DECKMATE Manche télescopique
24.95 EUR seulement 24,95 €
Brosse extra souple bleue
Image produit de DECKMATE Brosse extra souple bleue
DECKMATE Brosse extra souple bleue
25.95 EUR seulement 25,95 €
Brosse souple / grise
Image produit de DECKMATE Brosse souple / grise
DECKMATE Brosse souple / grise
21.95 EUR seulement 21,95 €
Brosse moyenne / orange
Image produit de DECKMATE Brosse moyenne / orange
Balai à franges
Image produit de DECKMATE Balai à franges
DECKMATE Balai à franges
45.95 EUR 51,10 € seulement 45,95 €
Gants de nettoyage en micro-fibres
Image produit de DECKMATE Gants de nettoyage en micro-fibres

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