TRAVEL 1103 CS Electric Outboard Motor / short shaft

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Torqeedo - TRAVEL 1103 CS / 1100 W
3 CV
Type de moteur
Longueur d'arbre
Type de barre
15 kg

Détails sur le produit

Explore the world on the water with the Torqeedo TRAVEL 1103 

The Torqeedo TRAVEL 1103 CS features an input power of over 1100 watts and is comparable to a 3 HP petrol outboard engine in terms of propulsive power. Thanks to the on-board computer with GPS-based calculation of the remaining range, a travel guide is always with you.

The new Travel 1103 C top model:
Powerful, efficient and quiet as a whisper

The new Travel 1103 C top model joins the internationally successful Travel line. It features a brand-new direct drive and powerful 915 Wh battery, which has 73 percent more capacity than the basic model, thus providing more range. In addition, the Travel 1103 C delivers 10% more power (1100 watts), a stronger aluminium pylon for increased protection against impact damage and improved transom mounting. Only the engine noise is reduced, it drops to a whisper-quiet 33 dB. Like the renowned Travel 1003 model, the new propulsion system is suitable for boats up to 1500 kg, the smaller Travel 503 for boats up to 750 kg. All Torqeedo Travel engines are equipped with a high-performance lithium-ion battery and an integrated on-board computer with GPS.

1: On- board computer with GPS-based range calculation: Alarm at low charge level
2: Emergency Stop Magnetic Chip: Stops the engine in an emergency without affecting the water resistance
3: long shaft
4: High efficiency drive for superior performance and range
5: Lithium high performance battery integrated in the outboard engine: High energy density, excellent high current capability, safe
6: Charging socket and USB port: For charging with shore power, from 12V battery or solar. Via a USB adapter, the TRAVEL can also be used as an energy source for smartphones, lights, etc.
7: All connections and components are waterproof (IP 67)

TRAVEL 1103 Benefits

  • With its integrated lithium battery and superior efficiency, the TRAVEL is the alternative to a small petrol outboarder
  • It can do what a 3 HP petrol outboard can do, but is more eco-friendly, quieter, lighter and more comfortable
  • Completely waterproof (IP 67)
  • On-board computer with GPS-based calculation of the remaining range
  • Solar rechargeable - even while using
  • Can be easily disassembled for transport and space-saving storage, the outboard alone weighs only 9 kg
  • A clean thing: no matter how and where you store your Torqeedo TRAVEL - no risk of anything leaking, no smell of petrol

Range, speed ​​& running time

Speed ​​in knots (km / h) * Range in sm (km) * Runtime in hours
Slow ride approx. 2.0 (3.7) approx. 40.0 (74.0) 20:00
Half throttle approx. 3.0 (5.5) approx. 18.0 (33.3) 06:00
Full throttle approx. 5.5 (10.0) approx. 4.6 (8.3) 00:50

* Depending on boat type, load, propeller and environmental conditions, information on speeds and ranges without guarantee

Information on range and speed

When travelling through water, displacement increases power required in proportion to the cube (third power) of the speed. This means that doubling water speed increases the power required eightfold. Conversely, it of course also means that only a slight reduction in speed will increase the range attainable significantly. Simply reducing speed by e.g. half a knot has a considerable effect on the remaining range. Since mental arithmetic to the power of three is quite tricky, the on-board computer of the Cruise constantly calculates the remaining range for you. To do this, it combines the consumption data from the motor with the charge level of the batteries together with the speed over water obtained via GPS. This means you can read the remaining range in real time from the Cruise's display. Using the TorqTrac App you can even read the remaining range from a map on your smartphone.

Technical data & comparison table

Torqeedo Travel 1003 Torqeedo Travel 1103 C
Input power in watts 1000 1100
Propulsive power in watts 480 480
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) 3 hp 4 hp
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust) 4 hp 4 hp
Maximum overall efficiency in% 48 48
Static thrust in lbs * 68 68
Integrated battery 530 Wh Li-ion 915 Wh Li-ion
Nominal voltage 29.6 29.6
Final charging voltage 33.6 33.6
Total weight in kg 13.4 (S) / 14.0 (L) 14.4 (CS) / 15.0 (CL)
Weight of engine without battery in kg 8.9 (S) / 9.5 (L) 8.9 (CS) / 9.5 (CL)
Weight of integrated battery in kg 4.5 5.5
Shaft length in cm 62.5 (S) / 75 (L) 62.5 (CS) / 75 (CL)
Standard propeller
v = speed in km / h at p = power in watts
v9 / P790 v9 / P790
Alternative propeller options v8 / p350 v8 / p350
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 1200 1200
Control Tiller Tiller
Steering 360 ° lockable 360 ° lockable
Tilting Manual with grounding protection Manual with grounding protection
Tilt angle 70 ° 70 °
Trim device Manual, 4-step Manual, 4-step
Integrated on-board computer Yes Yes
Stepless forward / reverse drive Yes Yes

*  Torqeedo static thrust data is based on measurements according to worldwide valid ISO guidelines. The static thrust values of fishing motors are typically measured differently and are therefore higher. In order to compare Torqeedo static thrusts with conventional fishing motors, approximately 50% can be added to the Torqeedo static thrusts.

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