Sevylor - pleasure boats since 1948  
Over seventy years on the market and still the same goal: To offer high quality, inflatable water sports and leisure products that everyone can have fun with! Sevylor now features a wide range of kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats, sit-on tops and accessories. A Sevylor inflatable boat in the Supercaravelle™ or Caravelle™ line is extremely practical, comfortable and classic in its design. The Sevylor 2 person Caravelle KK65, the 2.5 person Caravelle K85 and the 3 person Caravelle K105 are powerful yet compact, light, easy to store and manoeuvre. Practical: The larger K85 and K105 models feature attachments for mounting an outboard motor. See for yourself - all Sevylor boats are available in the SVB online shop.
Annexe Supercaravelle / 3 pers.
Image produit de SEVYLOR Annexe Supercaravelle / 3 pers.
SEVYLOR Annexe Supercaravelle / 3 pers.
209.95 EUR seulement 209,95 €
Caravelle - Bateau pneumatique de loisirs KK65 - K85 - K105
Image produit de SEVYLOR Caravelle - Bateau pneumatique de loisirs KK65 - K85 - K105

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