SEATAGS is an MOB wristband of the French manufacturer SECURITAG SAS from Nantes on the Loire River
The SEATAGS development team essentially consists of sailors who have challenged themselves with the aim of integrating our everyday technology (smartphone / tablet) at the service of boaters and make water sports even safer. How does it work? The SEATAGS wristband features a transmitter which is connected via an app to compatible devices of the crew (via Bluetooth). As soon as the wristband is switched on, a signal is transmitted to the paired end devices (smartphone / tablet). When the wristband is submerged in water, the connection is interrupted and the transmitter triggers an alarm on the connected devices and stores the GPS position at the time of the MOB situation. No further installations on board are required for operation! SVB sells the SEATAGS wristband individually, in a set of 3 or 5 for the whole crew or family.
Bracelet MOB
Image produit de SEATAGS Bracelet MOB
Bracelet MOB / jeu de 3 pièces
Image produit de SEATAGS Bracelet MOB / jeu de 3 pièces

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