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BSH - The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany is an important information provider for navigation, the economy and the marine environment. The BSH, which currently operates 10 automatic measuring stations, provides forecasts regarding tides, water levels and storm surges. They cover a wide range of tasks - for example, the BSH also publishes nautical charts and books for professional and recreational navigation and the annual tide calendar.

In its archives, the BSH maintains probably the largest message in a bottle collection in the world. Including about 660 letters, which were found between 1864 and 1933.
Cartes officielles allemandes BSH
Image produit de BSH Cartes officielles allemandes BSH
Carte INT1
Image produit de BSH Carte INT1
BSH Carte INT1
11.00 EUR seulement 11,00 €
Jachtfunkdienst (ouvrage en Allemand)
Image produit de BSH Jachtfunkdienst (ouvrage en Allemand)
Annuaire des marées BHS 2018
Image produit de BSH Annuaire des marées BHS 2018

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